Ashley Alvarez

Ashley Alvarez was born and raised in West Kendall, Miami, Florida, one of four children of Cuban immigrants who came to America in 1959. Both of her parents earned their way to the middle class by working humble jobs, instilling a strong work ethic in all 4 children that have made them who they are today. Thanks to their powerful and loving example, Ashley Alvarez learned the importance of family and hard work and came to realize that all things are possible in America. She believes in the American Dream because she has seen her parents accomplish this dream but they have also sacrificed their hopes and dreams to make sure that their childrens’ hopes and dreams come true. Ashley Alvarez has dedicated her life to service and ensuring her parents’ sacrifices are not in vain.

Shortly after graduating from St. Brendan High School in 2011, Ashley completed her Associate of Arts at Miami-Dade College in 2013. She then continued to earn her Bachelor in International Relations and Political Science from Florida International University in 2014 and also, her Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Public Finance, Procurement and Contract Management in 2019.

Ashley Alvarez has been heavily involved in public service through previous positions held in elected officials’ offices including Senator Marco Rubio, Former Mayor Carlos Giminez, U.S. Circut Judge Honorable Robert Luck, Florida Commissioner of Education Manny Diar Jr, and Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar where she inevitable grew a strong love and passion toward helping constituents with anything they needed. In 2019, Ashley Alvarez was the Campaign Manager for a Nationally recognized campaign, Scherie Murray for Congress in New York’s 14th Congressional District against Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

It wasn’t long after that where she felt drawn to serve the very community that raised her by running for Miami-Dade Community Council in Area 11 and has now been serving as Vice Chair for the last 2 years. Ashley has also been helping her community directly volunteering with organizations in the community, where she has one guiding objective: bring the American Dream back into the reach of those who feel it slipping away. Ashley will be the voice to all those who have felt ignored and have lost faith in our system.

Ashley Alvarez currently serves as Vice Chair to the Miami-Dade Community Council in Area 11, where Ashley and other board members review zoning applications that request a change of zoning and density. This has given Ashley the insight to all projects being developed in District 119 allowing her to have an understanding of the community’s needs at a very personal level where she believes there are real solutions to the challenges we face today. Ashley is dedicated to building an economy for all, creating opportunities, and addressing issues that impact our daily lives.

Ashley is also part of multiple advocacy groups where she fights to promote human rights and America’s interests around the globe; this includes those human rights of our elderly whether going through retirement or have been bedridden for any given reason, Ashley is dedicated to the needs of older Americans.

In addition, Ashley works closely with the SBA and Florida Revenue services to share initiatives with the community where constituents can seek help and allow their small businesses to thrive. As American workers battle economic hardship in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ashley is dedicated to continuing providing support through legislative initiatives.  

As a lifelong resident of the community, Ashley has many reasons why she loves living in this part of Miami-Dade County. One of the many reasons is its people with diverse backgrounds and stories of those in the community. Some have achieved great success in America, others are just starting out, and many more are midway in pursuit of their dreams. There are homes led by heroic single parents or grandparents, homes with two hard-working parents, and homes with multiple generations living together. It is Ashley Alvarez’s neighbors that have helped shape her impression of the American Dream, and they continue to do so.

Ashley Alvarez wakes up every day driven to make a difference, and she is proud to serve the people of this district. She knows the most important work in America today is happening in people’s homes, where parents are raising the next generation and making sacrifices so their children can have greater opportunities than they did. He also understands our laws and government’s policies can make it easier — or harder — for your family to pursue and achieve the American Dream. Ashley Alvarez will not stop working for you and your loved ones until American politics is once again centered on common sense and the common good.